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Jul 18, 2021

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Jul 21, 2021


HC 3





Type Quick App

Panasonic comfort Cloud app


What it does:

Control you Panasonic comfort cloud compatible heat pump devices.

just like the android or apple app, but from you home center 3

Comfort Cloud




Upload the quick app to the hc3.

Go to the variable panel and change the email and password.

Wait a coble off second then press on button.





Variable settings:

for setting start temperature in the aircon modes.




Do not set it to a number that larger or smaller than you Panasonic is capable of.

so do not set cooling start temp to 5 degrees when minimum is 15

or heat to 65 degrees when max is 30, you get the point.




Extra fun stuff:


Since there is a thermometer in the inside & outside unit,

i added two global variables that you can use in other apps

					GlobalVariable('inside heatpump temperature')
					GlobalVariable('Outside heatpump')

Added a function for retrieving energy and more for.

it can be viewed via the debug buttons.

located in Oninit and use function QuickApp:getHis()

Plan is to make a app that just shows energy data and more.




it is crucial that app retrieve token before app runs.

i have very fast internet 

so could be that with slow internet that timers have to be adjusted up.

located in Oninit 


important that they execute in that order!

                fibaro.setTimeout(1500, function() QuickApp:turn1()() end) --token first
                fibaro.setTimeout(3000, function() QuickApp:turn2() end) --when we got token we can run the rest.
                fibaro.setTimeout(604800000, function() QuickApp:onInit() end) --token restart every month


Full Code on my Github page:




Last words:

Damn this was hard to make when never haven writing Lua before.



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Hello i want to ask I download this app and i install on fibaro HC3 but i cant control the unit

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