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Jun 30, 2023

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Apr 11, 2024


HC 3 Lite, Yubii Home Pro, Yubii Home, HC 3





Type Quick App

QuickApp that communicates directly with any of the supported P1/HAN gateways in the list. No additional devices are needed.

For some gateways it is also possible to subscribe to the data via an MQTT broker, but this is not a requirement.


This QuickApp works with gateways from:


- CTEK, Nanogrid Air

- Currently One


- P1IB


- Tasmota (DIY)


If you want to build your own gateway, there is a guide for Tasmota: Guide

It is also possible to build one yourself and use firmware from AMSreader



If you are a producer, two more quick app childs are visible 


If you have a P1 gateway from Smartgateways/Homewizard and a gas meter connected, you also can see total gas consumption



  1. Open the Configuration Interface.
  2. Go to  > Devices.
  3. Click .
  4. Choose Other Device.
  5. Choose Upload File.
  6. Choose file from your computer.
  7. Choose Variables tab 

ip - enter the IP address of the gateway (or MQTT broker). eg

readerType - ams , ctek currentlyone , homewizard , p1ib  smartgateway or tasmota depending on which one you have purchased.

producer - yes or no depending on whether you produce electricity, eg solar panels.

gasMeter - yes or no If you have a gas meter connected to your P1 gateway, change to yes

mainFuse Size of your main fuse

dualMeter - yes or no If you have day and night tariff, change to yes 

kwMeter - yes or no If your electric meter send values in kW, change to yes 

telnetPort - If you use Currently One or Tasmota, normally port 23

tempSensor yes or no If you have a temperature sensor connected to your AMSreader


This QuickApp supports Fibaro's energy panel, so go in and make the settings according to how the electricity meter is connected.


Supported options

  MQTT Tarrifs/Dual meter Gas meter Temp sensor Wifi status
AMSreader *     * *
Currently One * *     * (MQTT) 
Homewizard   * *   *
P1IB *       *
Smartgateways * * *   *
Tasmota (DIY)   *      

MQTT settings:

AMSreader - Client ID: <any value>, Payload : JSON, Publish topic (MQTT-Topic): <any value>
Currentlyone - Your device's ID have be in the variable MQTT-Topic
P1IB - MQTT Json State and MQTT MAC Suffix should be disabled, MQTT Topic Prefix (MQTT-Topic): <any value, or empty>
Smartgateway - MQTT prefix (MQTT-Topic): <any value, or empty>

Send me a PM if you want language support for your language.


v1.7 04/2024

  • AMSreader has changed its API with version 2.3.3. Make sure you have updated its firmware
  • More preview information

 v1.6 03/2024

  • Added support for MQTT

v1.5 01/2024

  • Added support for CTEK Nanogrid Air
  • Added language support for English, German, Dutch and Swedish. Please let me know if the translation is incorrect
  • Added temperature sensor support for AMSreader
  • Improved Telnet error handling
  • Wifi signal strength in preview mode

v1.4 11/2023

  • Added support for CurrentlyOne
  • Added support for Tasmota

v1.3 10/2023

  • Added support for P1IB

v1.2 09/2023

  • Added support for Homewizard. Requires Homewizard to have firmware 4.00 or later. You need to activate the API in the Homewizard app. 
    • Go to Settings > Meters > ''Your meter'', and enable Local API.
  • If you use Smartgateway, make sure you have the latest firmware
  • Added support for day och night tariffs
  • Added support for electric meters that send values in kW instead of W
  • Some minor corrections

v1.1 07/2023

  • Added gas meter support
  • Load information for each phase
  • Quick App preview information

v1.0 06/2023

  • First version

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Hi Kenneth. It looks like they discontinued the product. As far as I can see, there is no local API either, but you are referred to their cloud solution. Even the cloud solution seems to have limitations even if you buy their highest license. I would recommend you watch this one instead. It is supported in this Quick app


Hi Lars. Would you consider to implement for Kamstrup as well, if it is possible?


Quickapp works great with homewizard!


Great work - using with AMSLeser for Kamstrup in Denmark. Works flawless


After looking at the information from @Marco Laan electricity meter, it turns out that it does not send out any information about the voltage. The amps are only shown in whole numbers, so you need to get up to at least 1 amp before we get any values. Guessing that it can be like this on several older electricity meters.

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