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May 09, 2020

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May 11, 2020


HC 3





Type Quick App

Quick App to operate NUKI Lock allows to trigger standard actions on NUKI Lock :

  • LOCK

On top of this from the HC3 interface it is possible :

  • check active PINs
  • create new PIN
  • delete existing PIN

The ZIP file contains QA file and the detailed user manual in PDF format.

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Ciao, thanks fotr quick reply. It's not possibile create 2 account beacause will be very diffucult to manage for the authorization of the NUKI FOB I hope that you can update the VD with the possibility to manage the bridge token, with a line in LUA similar at local bridge_command = 'lockAction?nukiId='..nuki_id..'&action=2&noWait=1&token='..bridge_token Anyway, it's possible "translate" the VD in HC2 to HC3? I mean, can I copy the LUA code of the virtual device in HC2 in the virtual device field of the HC3? The current VD (.vfib) works perfectly with 2 locks in HC2 Thanks in advance for your support Yuri


Yuri, Thank you for your interest of this NUKI LOCK QA. I have to say that I created this QA having only one NUKI Lock. The implementation of the second lock was done by analysing the json response from NUKI servers. Presently I do not have any NUKI lock for testing. Maybe the work around would be to create separate NUKI account for each lock.


Hi All, how I can set 2 different locks? I have 2 Nuki lock, aech one connected to Nuki bridge, so each one has a ipaddress Using HC2, by a virtual device downloaded here I can insert the brigde token for each virtual device, but using this new virtual device, I need set API token and the api is associatated to the account, I think... How I can solve? Thanks Yuri


Es funktioniert sehr gut, allerdings kann es in Blockszenen nur auf und zu. Ich habe es für meine Zwecke noch erweitert, damit ich über eine Szene auch "unlatched" setzen kann


I must say, within current restrictions of HC3, it's a beauty!

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