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May 09, 2020

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May 11, 2020


HC 3





Type Quick App

Quick App to operate NUKI Lock allows to trigger standard actions on NUKI Lock :

  • LOCK

On top of this from the HC3 interface it is possible :

  • check active PINs
  • create new PIN
  • delete existing PIN

The ZIP file contains QA file and the detailed user manual in PDF format.

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@Manech FAURE FALCONI Thank you for your interest of NUKI VD I Published. I have checked and I am really surprised the block scene is unable to call pressing button of the virtual device. My advise for you is to start learning programming in LUA. You may strat with very simple examples. EG. you may create simple block scenes then translate them to LUA and compare how the blocks were transformed into LUA code. Also in the internet there is millions of tutorials and examples of LUA code for HC2. Eg. the command : fibaro:call(53, "pressButton", "42") Means press Button no 42 of virtual device no 53 - it is not so complicated. good luck


Hello, and thank you for your plugin, I'm very happy with it. I decided to use relay 1 from the Fibaro Intercom, to activate the opening, it works well but in the scene configuration (block scene, I do not yet master the LUA), in the Nuki device only open or close are offered when I need Unlatch because my lock takes a long time to unlock. this unlatch works well in manual directly in the plugin but is not offered in the scene, what do you advise me? Thank you. Manech


@Emmanuel Unfortunately I do not have NUKI lock any moe in my hands. I had it borrowed for tests and I had to return it back. Hence I am not able to recreate the problem you have. Error 401 means "Unauthorised request". Please follow up the PDF instruction once again. Pay special attention to your NUKI account and the authorisation token from there. How to get API token is detailed explained in the manual for NUKI LOCK QA. Pages 6-10. Good luck.


Hello I install this file on my HC3 by following the procedure on the PDF, but I have this message in loop Do you have an idea ? Thank you [13.12.2020] [02:13:00] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP43]: onInit [13.12.2020] [02:13:00] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP43]: ******** QA is initialised. Connecting to NUKI ******** [13.12.2020] [02:13:00] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP43]: ************** GET NUKI DATA TRIGGERED **************** [13.12.2020] [02:13:00] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP43]: *********** WAITING 20 sec for next update ************ [13.12.2020] [02:13:01] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP43]: ******* response status of Get Nuki Data : 401 ********


@fibaro user unnamed How to get API token is detailed explained in the manual for NUKI LOCK QA. Pages 6-10.