Created At

Sep 15, 2020

Last Update

Sep 21, 2020


HC 3 Lite, HC 3





Type Quick App

Netatmo Wind Sensor

This quick application creates wind sensor from Netatmo Weather Station wind module

Data updates every 5 minutes by default.


Client ID - Netatmo client ID

Client Secret - Netatmo client secret

Username - Netatmo username

Password - Netatmo password

Optional values

Device ID - identifier of Netatmo Weather Station from which values should be taken. This value will be automatically populated on first successful connection to weather station.

Refresh Interval - number of minutes defining how often data should be refreshed. This value will be automatically populated on initialization of quick application.

Data Type - gives ability to choose between wind and gust but also wind-angle and gust-angle. Defaults to wind.


This quick application integrates with other Netatmo dedicated quick apps for devices. It will automatically populate configuration to new virtual Netatmo devices.

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