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Sep 15, 2020

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Jun 14, 2021


HC 3 Lite, Yubii Home, HC 3





Type Quick App

Netatmo Temperature Sensor

This quick application creates temperature sensor from Netatmo Weather Station or its modules.

Quick application detects all temperature sensors and lists all detected sensors into console on initialization of virtual device.

If you wish to have multiple temperature sensors, just add the device few times and configure differently.

Data updates every 5 minutes by default.


Client ID - Netatmo client ID

Client Secret - Netatmo client secret

Username - Netatmo username

Password - Netatmo password

Optional values

Device ID - identifier of Netatmo Weather Station from which values should be taken. This value will be automatically populated on first successful connection to weather station.

Module ID - identifier of Netatmo Weather Station module from which values should be taken. This value will be automatically populated on first successful connection to weather station. If temperature should be taken from station sensor, remove this variable.

Refresh Interval - number of minutes defining how often data should be refreshed. This value will be automatically populated on initialization of quick application.


This quick application integrates with other Netatmo dedicated quick apps for devices. It will automatically populate configuration to new virtual Netatmo devices.

GIT repository:


2021.03.25 - Added error handling when making calls to Netatmo API; Console message about successful authentication

2021.06.13 - Improved token cache handling

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I haven't changed much, but I have uploaded new QA. Please let me know if that helped.


Irek, many thanks for you response. Seems like we are close to finding out the root cause of the issue. Would be grateful, if you could amend the QA accordingly.


Hi Anton, thing is, that I haven't implemented refresh token. I'm simply calling for new access token every ~9800 seconds. I have never implemented the token, because Netatmo never forced me to use it - i got few QA that talk to Netatmo API since July last year and never had issue like yours. I will make some changes to distinct whether issue comes from the very first API call or later calls, but also to clear cached access token on error.


Irek, the apps are active and all mentioned credentials are valid. Moreover, like it was described below, the sensors work perfectly during first 3 hours after reconfiguration, but then suddenly stops. Therefore, my hypothesis is that refresh token has not been set up/identified correctly. But it's kind of wild guess.


This error comes from Netatmo API. I would suggest to start from ensuring that your apps are present and still activated via this URL: ... if not please activate them ... Make sure that both Client ID and Client Secret are the same ... You may try to setup new app ... The error itself tells that the Client ID and Secret are simply invalid.