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Jan 11, 2023

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Jan 13, 2023


Yubii Home Pro, HC 3





Type Quick App

This Quick App allows you to integrate the embeded light of an outdoor Netatmo Presence light in the list of your HC3 devices. It will behave as any standard light, including incons color changing and state (on/off) reporting in Yubi.

2 variables have to be set up:

- the local address of your Presence (see or the process described in other Netatmo presence QuickApps on how to find this address. Remember that this implies that you setup your router so that Presence cameras have a fixed IP address, otherwise, it will stop working somewhere in the future, whent your router will assign a new IP address). This parameter should look like this: 192.168.x.y/qqqqqqqqqqqqq where 192.168.x.y is the IP address you've set up on your router and qqqqqqqqqqqqq is the secret number of your camera that you found after completing the steps described on

- The AutoIsOff variable should be set to true if you want Auto mode of the light to be considered as Off in Yubi (as the standard mode for Presence light is auto, this avoids having permanently one light considered as being on).

Behaviour is quite straight forward:

- Slider in position 100% or On button will force the light to turn on

- Slider in position 0% or Off button will force the light to turn off

- Slider in position any other position than 0% or 100% will set the light to auto mode

This QuickApp has been developped for my basic needs but I'll be happy to add other features if requested and technically possible.

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Hi Vivien, thank you for the quick app. I have three Netatmo cams and it helped a lot to integrate the lights into my HC3 system. I would be very interessted in a possibility to turn on / off the discover mode. I had that in my HC2 installation... it should be the "changestatus" command... but in can't implement that (not a LUA guy)...


For what concerns the video display directly within the HC3, it seems there is a technical limitation in the HC3 that prevent the video to be integrated. Thus, only one picture every second is possible. And unfortunately no, I haven't put my code elsewhere than on Fibaro marketplace. But if you find better ideas, please give a link into this comment section so that people can see the various implementation possibilities.


Hi Vivien, do you have your code on public repo? I would like to participate into your QA rather than forking in :)


Hi Vivien, i'd love to have a quick app to initialiy integrate the Netatmo Presence to the HC3 to see the video within the HC3 and can integrate the cameras into scenes (on/off, etc.)


The next planed features is to integrate the auto discover feture. I've checked the API on Netatmo website and they do not document a possibility to remotely manage the siren on their API. If you've seen another home automation box that manages this feature, I would be happy to see how they managed this (undocumented feature) and to add this feature to this QA.

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