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Nov 19, 2020

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Dec 15, 2020


HC 2





The NeoCC sirens have no template in the HC2 and they are quirky to program correctly. This VD alows you to set the parameters of the device quickly and easily.
No need to add the parameters of this siren to the HC2 one by one. Just install this VD for each siren and you can control them via the VD.

Ideal for

  • learning how the siren works
  • testing the different melodies of the siren
  • determining the actual configuration of the siren.

User Interface

The UI consists of 4 parts:

Refresh Status ; a single button to retrieve the device parameters and show them on the screen. This is slow; read the description below.
Device Control: Switch On/Off and select Siren or Bell mode.
Siren mode parameters
 - Low/medium/high volume
 - Melody selection (1-10)
 - LED On/Off
 - Siren sound duration (0 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, continuous)
Bell mode parameters
 - Same as for the siren, except for the sound duration. In bell mode, the sound is played once.


Install the VD the usual way by adding a new virtual device.

  • Use the 'TCP port' parameter to specify the device id of the siren that you want to control.
  • Assign the device to the right room.
  • Add an icon of your liking to each of the UI elements.

Multiple instances of the VD can be installed. Install one VD for each siren. If you have mutiple sirens per room, then change the VD name to indicate which is which.

Advice: do not make this VD available to regular users of the system. You do not want them to play around with it. Go to "Configuration / Access Control" menu of the HC2 and let only the SuperUser have access to this VD.

Device status info

The VD provides a button to refresh the current settings of the siren. However, due to the clumsy implementation by Neo CoolCam, this can take a minute or so. It is technically impossible to retrieve all parameters at once, or even a specific one. I have found a workaround (details in the code) but it is very slow. The UI of the VD will indicate that it is retrieving the parameters.
Beware: Because it is so slow, the UI status will not be updated automatically if you change a setting. Status updates are only done when pressing the "Refresh Status" button. 
Next to the last retrieved values, the status fields can also be:
'---'  ; retrieving the status, should be updated in a minute or so.
'???' ; could not retrieve the status within a reasonable time period. Try again.

Technical info

There are multile versions of the NeoCC sirens. This VD has been tested with the red light and blue light versions.

The VD does not have any code in the main loop and does not degrade HC2 performance.

Advice: do not use the NEoCC siren as both an alarm siren and a doorbell. Switching between the two modes is slow and unreliable. I tried switching to doorbell mode, sounding the bell sound and then returning to siren mode. It worked most of the times but I would not want to rely on it in real life. If you find a reliable way, please let me know.


None. Use, modify and distribute freely. 


This VD is based on the original VD of user FSE, which was published in the Fibaro forum. In the forum, it was then updated by user johndeere. I added comments to the code, updated the UI to my liking and added the status info feature.


I appreciate feedback to improve the VD. Please rate the VD in the Fibaro marketplace.

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Hi Ladislav, I only have an HC2 so I have no way of porting it to an HC3.


Hello. How can I set it to HC3?


This er er well designed VD. Just too bad that Neo CoolCam Siren cannot change from bell to alarm quicker. But a siren the rater cheap so I will just buy one extra! Nice work MAVE


Yes, certainly. The siren has 2 modes of operation, siren or doorbell. If you set it to siren mode it will act as an alarm. There's no need to ever switch it to doorbell mode if you never use it as a doorbell. The VD works either way.


Cool! One question: You talk about a slow shift from siren to doorbell. But can your VD be used if the Coolcam is only used as an alarm?

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