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Nov 19, 2023

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Nov 28, 2023


Yubii Home Pro, HC 3





Type Quick App

The "Miele Smart Home Integration" QuickApp is designed to seamlessly integrate Miele home appliances into the Fibaro Home Center 3 (HC3) Smart Home system. This QuickApp allows you to control and monitor your Miele appliances directly through the HC3 interface. The current version of the app enables you to switch a Miele device, such as a coffee machine, on and off.

New Feature - Global Status Management:

  • Real-Time Status Updates: The QuickApp now tracks the status of your Miele appliances and updates it in real-time in a global variable within HC3.
  • Global Variable Integration: A dedicated global variable is created and managed by the QuickApp to store the status of your Miele appliance. If the variable doesn't exist, the QuickApp automatically creates it; otherwise, it updates the existing variable.
    • Like: Miele_DeviceID
  • Seamless Monitoring: Easily monitor the status of your appliances from anywhere within the HC3 interface by accessing the global variable.

New Features:

  • Program Selection: Choose and start specific programs on your Miele appliances.
  • Status Monitoring: Check the current status and remaining time of your Miele devices' programs.
  • Temperature Control: Adjust the target temperature for applicable Miele devices like ovens and refrigerators.
  • Action Execution: Execute various actions such as 'processAction', 'light', 'ambientLight', and more for enhanced device control.
  • Custom Device Naming: Set personalized names for your Miele devices within the HC3 interface.
  • Extended Appliance Compatibility: The script now supports a broader range of Miele appliances, offering more control options like 'colors', 'modes', 'runOnTime', etc.
  • Multi-Language Support: Interface and controls are now available in multiple languages, aligning with the Miele API's supported country codes.

Extended Configuration:

  • Program ID Setup: Configure specific program IDs for your devices in the QuickApp variables for targeted control actions.
  • Temperature Settings: Enter temperature range variables for appliances that support temperature control.

Enhanced Usage:

  • Select Programs: Use the enhanced interface to choose and start specific programs on your Miele appliances.
  • Adjust Settings: Modify settings like temperature and lighting directly from the HC3 interface.
  • Execute Actions: Perform specific actions like starting a delayed wash or setting ambient lighting.

Advanced Debugging and Logs:

  • The QuickApp now provides more detailed logs, offering insights into the program selection, status updates, and executed actions.

Important Reminder:

  • As the functionality expands, it's crucial to handle authentication and device control securely and responsibly.
  • Familiarity with the extended range of Miele API functionalities is recommended for making the most out of this integration.

With these enhancements, the "Miele Smart Home Integration" QuickApp becomes a more powerful and versatile tool in your smart home ecosystem, offering greater convenience and control over your Miele appliances.


  • Appliance Control: Control your Miele appliance directly from the HC3 user interface.
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication: Secure access to the Miele API using OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • Central Scene Events: Responds to button press events in HC3 for device control.
  • Customizable QuickApp Variables: Easy setup by configuring relevant parameters as QuickApp variables in HC3.


  1. Set Up QuickApp Variables: Enter relevant details such as ClientID, ClientSecret, UserEmail, UserPassword, DeviceID, RedirectURI, AuthorizationEndpoint, and TokenEndpoint into the QuickApp variables.
  2. Set Device ID: Ensure the device ID of your Miele appliance is correctly entered in the QuickApp variables.


  • Turn On: Use the "Turn On" button to activate your Miele appliance.
  • Turn Off: Use the "Turn Off" button to deactivate the appliance.

Debugging and Logs:

  • The QuickApp provides detailed debugging information and logs to monitor interaction with the Miele API and troubleshoot if necessary.


  • This QuickApp requires a good understanding of the Fibaro Home Center 3 and a basic knowledge of the Miele API.
  • Authentication details (like username and password) should be handled securely. It is recommended to use OAuth flows that do not require direct access to user login details.

Getting Client ID and Client Secret:

To use this QuickApp, you need to register at the Miele Developer Portal and obtain your Client ID and Client Secret.

Steps to Register at Miele Developer Portal:

  1. Visit Miele Developer Portal.
  2. Sign up or log in with your Miele account credentials.
  3. Follow the instructions to register your application.
  4. Once registered, you will receive your Client ID and Client Secret.


  • Have a Miele account with a username and password.

Extending Functionality:

This script also allows you to handle all other Miele devices. Enhance the script to use all Miele functions in POST operations like:



  • description: The actions object contains all information about the available control possibilities. An empty array or a boolean value false means this control is not available.
  • processAction, light, ambientLight, startTime, ventilationStep, programId, targetTemperature: Different controls for various actions and settings.
  • deviceName (boolean): Set a personal device name.
  • powerOn (boolean): Power on the device from off state to on state.
  • powerOff (boolean): Power off the device from on state to off state.
  • colors, modes, runOnTime: Additional control options.



Country Codes:

Code Country
es-AR Argentina
en-AU Australia
ru-BY Belarus
fr-BE Belgique
pt-BR Brazil
en-CA Canada
es-CL Chile
en-CO Colombia
cs-CZ Czechia
da-DK Danmark
de-DE Deutschland
et-EE Eesti
en-EG Egypt
es-ES España
fr-FR France
en-GE Georgia
en-GI Gibraltar
en-GB Great Britain
en-GT Guatemala
ko-KR Hanguk
en-HK Hong Kong, China
hr-HR Hrvatska
en-IN India
en-ID Indonesia
en-IE Ireland
en-IS Island
en-IL Israel
it-IT Italia
en-KW Kuwait
el-CY Kypros
lv-LV Latvija
en-LB Lebanon
de-CH Liechtenstein
lt-LT Lietuva
de-LU Luxemburg
hu-HU Magyarország
en-MY Malaysia
en-MT Malta
en-MD Moldavia
es-MX México
nl-NL Nederland
en-NZ New Zealand
en-NG Nigeria
no-NO Norge
en-PA Panama
en-PH Philippines
pl-PL Polska
pt-PT Portugual
en-QA Qatar
ro-RO România
en-SA Saudi Arabia
de-CH Schweiz
en-SG Singapore
sl-SI Slovenija
sk-SK Slovensko
en-ZA South Africa
fi-FI Suomi
sv-SE Sverige
en-TH Thailand
tr-TR Türkiye
en-AE United Arab Emirates
de-AT Österreich
el-GR Ελλάδα
bg-BG България
ru-KZ Казахстан
ru-RU Россия
sr-RS Србија
uk-UA Україна
zh-CN 中国大陆
ja-JP 日本

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Hi! Thank you for this QA, I was hoping for someone to do this. I have installed 3 Devices, but the buttonpresses for the Programs result in an error, and are not executed. On/Off Action is working though. The error in the log is: "Fehler bei der Ausführung der Aktion:" (Error when executing the action:)


Hi, yes it can controll all Miele Devices which are in your Miele Account. To get the DeviceID use the Swagger: Best, Dennis


Hello, can the application also control the dishwasher, which I control via the iPhone miele app? I have both ClientID and ClientSecret. I'm not sure DeviceID = Serial Number?


Thank you for developing and share this free and non encrypted QA. I havde tested it with my Miele washing machine. My goal is to be able to resume start washing when power is cheap, and this QA solved all the difficult steps. I just need the power trigger that is another set of QA. Thank you for assisting when Country codes was not clean to me in the beginning and i see you have updated the documentation already, :-) Brilliant work

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