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Oct 07, 2022

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Oct 08, 2022


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What features does the LOQED Touch Smart Lock offer with Fibaro?

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock & Fibaro integration is done via the local bridge API.

Currently, the following functionalities are supported:

  • Send real-time status changes of the lock (open, unlock, lock) and battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth state to the Fibaro HC2 gateway.

  • Receive commands from the Fibaro HC2 gateway to change the lock state (open, unlock, lock).

  • Only English language supported, however you can edit the VD code to add your own language.

  • Currently this VD can’t decode json data POSTed by the bridge, as FIBARO API simply ignores any unknown data and accept only JSON key args:[{}]. Therefore, one can’t decode who opened/closed the LOQED via App (or if it was manually, with knob).

  • Security consideration: the LOQED bridge sends any status change (e.g. "the door was opened") to Fibaro over an unsecure HTTP connection in your Wi-Fi network. There is no way to add digital signature (like used by LOQED QuickApp on e.g. Home Center 3) into the Home Center 2 VD. Note that this does not affect opening/locking the door, it is only concerns the status information.




Please check the attached QuickApp user manual



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