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Oct 07, 2022

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Oct 08, 2022


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What features does the LOQED Touch Smart Lock offer with Fibaro?

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock & Fibaro integration is done via the local bridge API.

Currently, the following functionalities are supported:

  • Send real-time status changes of the lock (open, unlock, lock) and battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth state to the Fibaro gateway. Battery level, if below 5%, will display om tje QuickApp as dead.
  • Receive commands from the Fibaro gateway to change the lock state (open, unlock, lock).
  • English, German and Dutch language supported (the QuickApp takes your local language setting). You can change the language by editting the QuickApp sourcecode yourself.
  • When using multiple LOQED locks, simply add extra QuickApp instance and setup with proper data.
  • Currently this QuickApp can’t decode json data POSTed by the bridge, as FIBARO/Yubii/elero/zooz API simply ignores any unknown data and accept only JSON key args:[{}]. Therefore, one can’t decode who opened/closed the LOQED via App (or if it was manually, with knob).
  • Security consideration: the LOQED bridge sends any status change (e.g. "the door was opened") to Fibaro over an unsecure HTTP connection in your Wi-Fi network, but with a digital signature. Fibaro uses the digital signature to ensure the status change is not sent by someone else than the LOQED Bridge (thus, to ensure that nobody can make the Fibaro device think the door opened, while in fact that was not the case). Only the HC3 (not the Yubii Home / HC3L) supports this. Note that this does not affect opening/locking the door, it is only concerns the status information.





Please check the atached QuickApp user manual


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