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Oct 22, 2017

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Dec 14, 2018


HC 2






This is a simple and,  at times clumsily coded, virtual device to control Limitless or MiLight LEDs - it has been tested on Limitless LED kit. Thanks to the earlier work within the community,  on this forum and also for LimitlessLED information on their website.





There should be very little setup required on the HC2.  The VD takes the ip/port as defined in the 'advanced' tab.  In my case,  I am using the default port of 8899.


You should take time to ensure that you have 'paired' to the light bulbs in the groupings you require using either iPhone or Android applications.  If you don't pair in this way,  the wifi bridge is not paired - remember the remotes provided by Limitless bypass the wifi bridge and communicate to bulbs directly with RF.


I have found my WIFI bridge to be very unreliable - it requires regular re-boot to regain any control from iphone, android or HC2.   If nothing is working,  try rebooting the bridge first to save frustration!    The Limitless LED instructions and particularly their site are pretty helpful with a careful read through.




// Source:

// Copyright (2013) Limitless Designs

// If the commandset codes are utilized in any way, the LimitlessLED website url must remain in the code comments.


Attached the VD and two icons files already available on the forum.


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this virtual device didn´t worked for me. try to find MiLight_wewn.vfib in fibaro forum.

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