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Mar 30, 2019

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Apr 02, 2019


HC 2, HC Lite





iungo is an energy manager that can be connected to your smart meter, or can be used with traditional meters (electricity, gas and water), but also with solar panels, car charging systems, heatpump etc. Most important your data is yours because it stored local in the iungo, so only a one time purchase and no monthly or yearly fee. iungo has his own z-wave network, which alows you to add smart plugs etc to the iungo directly. See



Get the realtime data of the iungo integrated into the Fibaro Home Center.


Download the attached VD device, and open it as a new virual device in your Fibaro. The only thing you need to do, is enter the IP Address of your iungo, the port number (default is 80), asign it to a room, and select an icon.

Adjust to your situation.

All possible Energy Gas and Water data will be displayed in the VD. Depending on your situation you might not need all of the labels and data in the VD. You can remove the labels, and comment out the part of the script that isn't needed.

Additional feature:

The Virtual Device contains several comments in the script to explain the script, but a part of the script is also commented out, and can be used. For example Dynamic Meter Icons, which is a VD Icon that will change based on the actual power consumption.

You need to uncomment the part (line 31-43) with the icon numbers and change the icon number to the correct number in your Fibaro. Also uncomment the script on line 363-405.

Be aware that power values in the scrip for this is based on a single phase 35 Amp mains supply to the home. You will need to change the power values after Usage to your situation.

Meter Icons from 10 -100% are also included in the zip file






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