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Aug 11, 2021

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Jan 24, 2022


HC 3





Type Quick App

  • Version:
    • V1.0 (Source and Multiroom)
    • 11/08/2021
  • Functions
    • Playback control (Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, slider volume, mute)
    • Sources (Line-in, Bluetooth, USB, presets)
    • Multiroom (link devices, remove all slaves at Stop Button)
  • How to configure

    To use that device you need to access your Home Center at your browser, and go to:

    Settings > Devices > Click at the "+" blue icon, at the top right corner > Other Devices > Upload File

  1. Individual Playback

    To configure individual playback just set the "ip1" variable of this QuickApp, click on "Close" in the lower right corner.

    and then click on the "Variables" tab of this QuickApp, keep the variable name "ip1", change only its value, with the IP of your iEast

    This way you can use: Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Back, Volume, Bluetooth, LineIn, USB, and presets (1 to 5 configured)

  2. Multiroom Playback

    To configure multiroom mode, 1 QuickApp like this must be imported for each device in the house, when importing the file we recommend putting the same iEast name in the QuickApp name for easy identification. Then change the value of the variable "ip1" to the IP of the iEast you are configuring. And in the variables "ip2", "ip3", "ip4" and "ip5" put the IP of the other iEasts that are on the same network.

    We also recommend changing the button text to the name of other iEasts, on this screen, disable preview mode in the top left corner, click the button and change the value of "Label" to the device name, the ID ieast2 corresponds to the device name of ip2, id ieast3 corresponds to the device name of ip3, etc (ATTENTION: EACH QUICKAPP WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT VALUE IN IP1,IP2,IP3,IP4, AND IP5, BE CAREFUL NOT TO CONFUSE IT)

    If you have more than 5 iEasts in the house, you should create more buttons, and also add other "multiroom" functions (see code below in MULTIROOM section how it was done), we recommend also adding a remove slave command on the button STOP

    If you have less than 5 iEasts in place, delete the buttons you won't use, and delete the commands

    After this configuration, when you enter QuickApp with the name "Bedroom", and click on the "Living Room" button, for example, the audio that is playing in the Living Room will start playing in the Bedroom. If you no longer want to use multiroom mode, click the player's STOP button to remove all multiroom links and then you can select another audio source.

 If you have any suggestion leave at the comments. Enjoy it!


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