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Aug 07, 2020

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Type Quick App

Name QA:                   iEast HC3 Lite - player

Current version:        Lite 1.0.0

Date:                           7/08/2020

Author:                       Martin Němec, Brno, CZ

Fibaro Forum:



The functions of this Quick App are:

Allowing to control iEAST Player from Home Center 3.

You can control one device.


It does support basic and advanced functions:

  • Basic Control
    • Chose the device preset (radio station/stream) – if your device supported this
    • Initiate playback
    • Button for Playback, Stop, Prvevious and Next track
    • Toggle button, Pause/Playback
    • Button for MUTE (unMUTEd will be when set some volume)
  • Basic Rendering Control
    • Get player volume and mute state
    • Set player volume to a specific level and unmute the player if muted
    • Increase or decrease player volume
    • Get or Set or Toggle player mute state (Mute or unmute the player)
    • Get or Set or Toggle player loudness state
  • Basic Rendering States
    • Get URL stream from device
    • Get Title and Artist from device
    • Get Play status – play/stop/pause/mute
    • Get Volume level
    • Show the QA status
  •  QA Properties
    • Enable QA Debug Mode

See Changelog / Manual for basic and advanced available actions


  • Command for Pause (repeat for change Play/Pause mode), " uiPause“)


  • Select preset 1, "DevBTNpreset1“)

  • Initiate playback., "uiPlay")



  • Fibaro Home Center 3 with firmware 5.031 or greater
  • One or more iEAST devices (tested fw 4.2.8230.2, Brand: Sonoé)
  • One or more device based on „LinkPlay“ (Brand: Audiocast, AudioPro, August, MUZO,..) – unoficialy for this QA – not tested

How to configurate the Quick App:

Fibaro Quick Apps manual: 

(see installing a quick APP)

Uploading file:

  1. Open the Configuration Interface.
  2. Go to Settings > Devices.
  3. Click  +
  4. Choose Other Device
  5. Choose Upload File
  6. Choose file from your computer > iEAST_Lite.fqa

Define variables:

  1. Go to  > Devices
  2. Choose Other Device
  3. Open QA
  4. Choose Varibles tab
  5. Modify the variables

A.    IPaddress (ex:

B.    DebugMode (ex: 0)

  1. Save

Not required

Setting the Device Player

I recommend setting a fixed IP address for the device, or making a DHCP reservation!

You can name this player in the software (website / APK).

This name will then appear in the QA title next to the version (point 1).

Save the pre-set in the player software (APK). These 6 presets can be called from scene (only 5 to limit the range of QA keys „in-line“).





This software is provided by copyright owner "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall the author and distributor be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

Description QA

1.    – Version and the name of the player device

2.    – The URL of the currently playing song

3.    – Title

4.    – Artist

5.    – Preset buttons from a stored presets in the device

6.    – Status information

7.    – Buttons for control playback (Prev, Re-Play, Pause/Play, Next, Stop/Eject)

8.    – Buttons for control playback (Mute)

9.    – Slider for set the volume

10.  – Info string for additional information about actual state the Player Device

11.  – Buttons for future and testing (FCx1 = Refresh, FCx2 = “ “, FCx3 = “ “ / Debug)


Special features and exceptions

2. – The URL of the currently playing song

If is the URL string very long, will be write over the border QA

If is the URL unknown, or stopped song, or the device is in the slave mode, this is show information about this and in the info string (point 10.)

If is device in the other unknown states, will be show only „stream url address“


7. – Buttons for control playback (Prev, Re-Play, Pause/Play, Next, Stop/Eject)

If you set Stop / Eject, the song will be deleted from the current playback

10. – Info string for additional information about actual state the Player Device

can be show ERROR (Typically for bad setting IP address, or disconnect the Device Player from network)

 12.  – Buttons for future and testing (FCx1 = Refresh, FCx2 = “ “, FCx3 = Debug if you set the DebugMode variable to 1)

Update intervals - internally is set to 5000ms (5s) for refreshing Player Status. If you set DebugMode to 1, then refreshing will be stopped. You can manually refresh by click on the FCx1 button.


RELEASE NOTES - changelog

Version 1.0.0

  • For HC3 v5.031
  • Support standard capabilities (PlayerControl, PlayerStatus)
  • Displaying information on the currently playing (with some exceptions)
  • Fully controllable from the LUA scenarios (see available command list)
  • Directly controll the one of three devices

For the future

  • Support for select LineIN play mode
  • Support fot Equaliser
  • Toggle for STOP/PLAY
  • MASTER / slave multiroom control support (in the Enhanced version)

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Hello. iEast M5 (AudioCast) is a basic streamer without a power amplifier. Volume control 0-100% via QA / Lua is the same as via the device's native application. If you require a higher volume, connect the equipment to active speakers, or to a receiver.


i tried on the m5 on HC3 , i can only pause , and when i increase the volume even to the max it goes very low , maybe i need to adjust some settings , but am not familiar with lua yet thanks anyway


With the current version, you only control one player. This means that you need as much QA as you have a streamer. If you have an active multiroom, control only the master. You can change the volume of the slave streamer. I'm counting on a new extended version, the problem is with the API maker for multiroom


Quantos ieast consigo controlar?


Por favor, expanda sua pergunta. Eu não conseguia entender o que você estava perguntando. Como um usuário não registrado ou sem nome, eles não podem responder propositalmente. Cadastre-se e pergunte ao seu fórum sobre o melhor fórum em inglês. Please expand your question. I couldn't understand what you were asking. As an unregistered or nameless user, they cannot respond purposefully. Register and ask your forum for the best English language forum.