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Sep 24, 2017

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May 07, 2021


HC 2, HC Lite






  • HCL and HC2
  • All iEAST devices (StreamAMP AMP-i50B, AM160, StreamPRO M30, SoundStream M20 and also AudioCast M5) 
  • Latest list of iEAST devices at


  • Playback control (Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Prev)
  • Volume control, mute on/off
  • Source selector (USB/BT/Auxt)
  • Play presets (links to iRadio, Spotify, Tidal playlist and more)
  • Play iRadio or other URL streams


  • After installation you have to set IP Address of iEAST device at device header, and also in code of each button (after word Host:)
  • Buttons 1-4 plays sample internet radio stations from, can be easily updated and/or multiplicated.
  • TCP Port shall be set to 80.


  • This Virtual Device use simple HTTP communication by sending commands via HTTP GET command. It is one-direction communication,  HCL cannot obtain any result returned by device, cannot check if device is connected, cannot read devices' status, etc.
  • IP Address of iEast device must be provided manually. It can be found at iEast mobile application. iEAST devices obtain IP addresses from DHCP server, it is recommended to setup router/DHCP server to fix IP assignment with iEAST device MAC address.

ZIP file for download:

  • vfib Virtual Device file to import to your Home Center
  • PNG icon
  • PNG screenshot


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