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Sep 24, 2017

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Dec 14, 2018


HC 2





 Version: 1.0.2 (2017.11.22)


  • HC2
  • All iEAST devices (StreamAMP AMP-i50B, AM160, StreamPRO M30, SoundStream M20 and also AudioCast M5) with firmware version v3.6.4xxx or newer
  • Latest list of iEAST devices at


  • Playback status and fanart
  • Playback control (Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Prev)
  • Playback time and position
  • Volume and mute control (also for connected slaves)
  • Source selector (USB/BT/AUX)
  • Play presets (links to iRadio, Spotify, Tidal playlist and more)
  • Play iRadio or other URL stream
  • Repeat modes
  • Sleep timer settings and status
  • Options for multiroom playback and sync
  • Quick solo mode switch (disconnecting all slaves)
  • Switch 🎨 for different sizes of fanart graphics and for hiding it when not supported (ex. via Fibaro mobile application)
  • Plays at info, with names of iEast Devices that are controlled (inc. list of connected slaves)
  • Available json structure with full information about device and its state - for integration with scenes and other LUA code.
  • VD deactivation option (VD stops network traffic)



Installation and initial configuration:

  • After installation you have to set IP Address of iEAST device
  • TCP Port shall be set to 80.

  • Buttons 1-4 contains sample code for internet radio stations from, can be easily updated and/or multiplicated.
  • For multiroom synchronisation IP addresses of slave devices must be added to LUA code at buttons 🏠1 and 🏠2. Button   disconnects all slaves. For installations with single device, line with buttons 🏠1, 🏠2,.., can be removed.
  • Icon numbers for 4 states: offline, online/idle, playing, inactive-VD, can be set in variables in the beginning of mainloop.
  • s_jPlayerState structure available in mainloop, updated at every loop. Contains full information about state of device. Structure can be stored in global variable, or in a label at VD, for further access from user's LUA code (see end for updateUI() function)


  • IP Address of iEAST device must be provided manually. It can be find at iEAST mobile app, after connecting device. iEAST devices obtain IP addresses from DHCP server, it is recommended to setup router/DHCP server to fix IP assignment for iEast device MAC address.
  • When device use Wifi as main connection to home network, and when is connected to a master (synchronized with other iEast device) it cannot be controlled by this VD. VD loses connection with device.
  • Older iEAST devices (firmware v3.6.3xxx or older) can work partly, some functions may not be available (as for example sleep timer)

ZIP file for download:

  • iEast_Player.vfib file with Virtual Device, to import to HC2
  • 4 PNG icons (can be used for states: offline, idle, playback, inactive VD)
  • PNG screenshot

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You can check code of ♫ 1-4 buttons. Try to update it to refer to mp3 file. The file shall be placed on web server, but you can also try local NAS server. It shall work, but probably not immediate, and probably you will need to add 1-2sec. silence in the file, before the voice


can ieast be used to pay a customized sound? Like a local mp3 file? I am trying to get HC2 to play spoken notifications when some scenes are triggered.



Hi David. Sorry for late reply. VD can be restarted by restarting of the HC2. There is also other way for VD only, by software, where you pretned that mainloop code is edited. But I would prefer to get more information from you what happens, what errors you can see in debug window, so I will have a chance to add a fix. You can also join forum at this thread, for easier communication, with option to send direct, private messages:


Hi, can you help me? I have problem with main loop, that it stoped and I have to via WWW GUI create any changes and save to start VD. Is any way to restart VD, for example each night? Thx David

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