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Nov 09, 2023

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Nov 09, 2023


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Type Quick App

Version/wersja 1.0 (2023.11.09)

EN: Hoymiles microinverters and DTU-PRO/ DTU-PRO-S controller integration with Home Center 3 series hubs, via the Modbus protocol.
PL: Integracja mikrofalowników Hoymiles i kontrolera DTU-PRO i DTU-PRO-S z centralami Home Center serii 3, z wykorzystaniem protokołu Modbus.

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This integration is published in form of encrypted QuickApp device. File attached below is a trial (demo) version that runs for 7 days after installation, and is limited to 2023 year only.
The full version has no time limitation and is distributed as an encrypted QuickApp, released for single FIBARO Home Center hub with serial number provided by the buyer.

Cost of full version is 100 Euro without VAT tax (for EU companies with valid EU VAT ID we can use 0% VAT tax for others 23% VAT tax will be applied, so total is 123 Euro to pay).
Cost is per one FIBARO Home Center controller.
Please contact us if you need USD calculations. 
Payment option: bank wire transfer (SEPA/Swift), Paypal
Contact and more details: smarthome @ 
Seller and developer: Human Devices company, VAT EU: PL8942392501  


  • FIBARO Home Center 3
  • FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite 
  • FIBARO Yubii Home and compatible
  • FIBARO firmware version: 5.120, or newer
  • Hoymiles HMS and HMT series microinverters via Hoymiles DTU-PRO-S controller
  • Hoymiles HM series microinverters via Hoymiles DTU-PRO controller

Hoymiles DTU-PRO and DTU-PRO-S controllers support Modbus TCP protocol via LAN connection, which allows direct connection of FIBARO controller and integration via the local network without the use of additional devices (NOTE: this only works for the LAN connection, Modbus TCP protocol for the WiFi connection is not supported).
The DTU-PRO and DTU-PRO-S controller also supports Modbus RTU protocol on its RS-485 serial connector. For such integration, you need an additional Modbus RTU-TCP Gateway, which must be purchased and installed yourself. This gateway can also support other devices with the Modbus RTU protocol in parallel.
QuickApp will support up to five microinverters connected to one DTU-PRO(-S) controller. One inverter, depending on the model, can support up to 4 PV panels.
More about installations with Hoymiles microinverters: 

How it works

The solution, in general is based on Modbus TCP communication protocol and connecting DTU-PRO(-S) controller via local network. Integration can also be done via additional Modbus RTU-TCP gateway (hardware converter) connected to DTU-PRO(-S) controller’s RS-485 serial port (via 2-wires cable).

Following Modbus RTU-TCP gateways were tested and works fine:
 • PUSR: USR-DR302, USR-DR404 i USR-W610 (
 • Waveshare: RS485 TO ETH (B), RS232/485/422 TO POE ETH (B) (
 • Elfin: EE11A, EW11A (
Other gateways with same functions shall also work.

Hoymiles DTU integration is available as developer (multi-device) version implemented in the form of two QuickApps, and in a compact version in the form of a single QuickApp. The trial (demo) version is only available as the compact version.

For a direct connection (Modbus TCP via the LAN port of the DTU-PRO(-S) controller), it is highly recommended to use the compact version.

Supported functions

  • Support for up to 5 connected microinverters, each with a maximum of 4 PV panels
  • Monitor detailed information about the status of each microinverter (current production power, output voltage, total production, inverter’s temperature, day/night mode)
  • Monitors information about each connected PV panel (power and current)
  • Shows summary data on the production of the entire system: power, total and daily energy, current production power
  • Creates Energy and Power meter child devices for direct use in the Energy Panel of the Home Center controller