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Sep 12, 2023

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Basic Lua scene programming experience needed to use this Quick App due to the variety of appliances and large number of options that are possible within the Home Connect ecosystem.


The HC3 does not support the programming of buttons and labels in child devices from the master QA. That's why this Quick App does not create child devices for your Bosch/Siemens appliances connected to Home Connect. This Quick App is made for automating your devices with Lua scenes, not as a user interface for your devices in the Yubii app.

Installation and usage

Full documentation with screenshots and examples is available on my website:

The Quick App is still under development and the latest information will be available on my website and the official FIBARO forum.

Quick Start (to show possibilities)

Please read the tutorial for clear usage instructions!

Live updates

The Home Connect API uses Server Sent Events to get a stream of events for all appliances. The Server Sent Events push technology is not supported by the HC3! As a result, it is not possible to receive live status updates from your devices!

Manual updates

You can manually request the status of a device via a Lua scene. In theory you can schedule a refresh, but then you will quickly hit the API limits! You can retrieve a status update for an appliance and save the response in a Global Variable. This allows you to read the latest appliance status and use it in scenes., "getCurrentStatus", "SIEMENS-HCS03WCH1-A0AAAAAAA000", "MyApplianceStatus")

Control an appliance:

I wrote a helper function to get the scene code to start a specific program with the correct options selected on the psychical appliance.

If you select the program with the correct options on the device, you can use this function to generate the code to use in scenes:, "getSelectedApplianceProgram", "SIEMENS-HCS03WCH1-A0AAAAAAA000")
And it outputs the full code you can use in a scene:, 'controlAppliance', 'SIEMENS-HCS03WCH1-A0AAAAAAA000', '{ "data": { "key": "LaundryCare.Washer.Program.Cotton", "options": [ { "key": "LaundryCare.Washer.Option.Temperature", "value": "LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC30", "unit": "enum" }, { "key": "LaundryCare.Washer.Option.SpinSpeed", "value": "LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.SpinSpeed.RPM1200", "unit": "enum" } ] } }')
Of course, an advanced user can create scenes themselves with the help of the Home Connect documentation.
Please read the full documentation with screenshots and examples on my website: before asking questions in the comments!

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