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Jun 26, 2022

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Jun 12, 2023


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Type Quick App

Hewalex PCWB QuickApp for Fibaro

This quick application integrates pool heat pump from Hewalex. It allows to control power, silent mode and heat temperature. Additionally it created three child devices - temperature sensors that allows to control inlet, outlet and ambient temperatures.

It does not allow to control timers. You may automate that using HC3 scenes.

Data updates every 30 seconds by default.


I take no responsibility for using this software. You're doing it on your own risk!

Combining electrical devices and water is dangerous. This software is designed to help control electronic device, not protect anyone from dangers.


Username - email of AquaTemp account

Password - password of AquaTemp account

Optional values

Interval - number of minutes defining how often data should be refreshed. This value will be automatically populated on initialization of quick application.

DeviceID - device code. This value will be automatically populated if given credentials have access to a single device


Follow regular installation process. After virtual device will be added to your Home Center unit, click on Variables and provide Username and Password. Then, click on Search devices button which will pull all information from your Aqua Temp account that includes all devices.

If given account have only a single device associated, DeviceID will be automatically populated. Otherwise, you should specify DeviceID in QuickApp Variables section.

If you're installing another device, your Username and Password will be automatically populated from previous device.

To access pulled information, go to logs of the device, review detected devices and use proper IDs as variables of the QuickApp.

To change update interval add Interval property or replace existing one (if there's no edit botton).

GitHub repository:

Last update: 2023-06-12

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Hello, I would like to ask one thing about the Quick App. It will display information regarding the temperature, but can I also adjust the temperature via FIBARO BUI or from Yubii mobile app?

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