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Apr 02, 2019

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Apr 15, 2019


HC 2, HC Lite





Type Scene



  • FIBARO Home Center 2
  • FIBARO Roller Shutter devices
  • FIBARO The Button
  • FIBARO Single Switch / Double Switch devices
  • FIBARO Wall Plug

Steps to build scene:

  • Connect to the FIBARO Home Center web interface.
  • Go to the Scenes tab.
  • Add a new scene in Lua by clicking Add in Lua scenes section.
  • In the General tab, set the name of the scene, e.g. Good Night. Remember to enable the option: „Start when Home Center 2 starts”.
  • In the Advanced tab, paste the code from the attachement. – Goodnight.lua
  • Replace the devices’ IDs with appropriate IDs for the system you are configuring.
  • Remember to save the scene by clicking the floppy disk icon. Creating ’Good Night’ scene Steps Good Night Scene Installer’s manual

The „Good Night” scene can be also used on HCL, just create it using blocks. As a result, it will work like the Lua scene on HC2.

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