Created At

Nov 20, 2017

Last Update

Nov 22, 2017


HC 2, HC Lite



The Virtual Device was created on an HC2 and the IR commands were captured by the Global Cache IR Learner amd other resources.



  • HC2 and HCL
  • This Virtual Device should work correctly all Foxtel and SkyTV decoders produced by "Pace"



  • Control basic functions in the same format as the physical remote
  • "Main Button" assigned to Power Toggle
  • If you notice any specific buttons that do not function correctly, leave a comment below with the Button and Pace model number (on the underside of the decoder) and I'll update as required



  • After upload the file into HC, insert iTach IP address and TCP port 4998.
  • Check the send port of the commands.



  • GlobalCache IR


  • I allow code to be reused or changed and have not requested permission from SkyTV or Foxtel for the use of the logos attached as they are included simply to identify this solution in a recognisable format. Labels can be translated and adjusted.

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