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May 31, 2024

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Jun 17, 2024


HC 3 Lite, HC 3





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HC3 QA for Wallbox EV chargers

An integration to Wallbox EV Charger for HC3.

You need to install this Quick App for each charger you want to manage.

This Quick App works as a binary switch, it allows you to:

  • Lock and unlock the EV charger with the main switch.
  • See the EV charger status
  • Refresh the charger status (if you don't want to wait for the next auto refresh)
  • Use the EV charger status as a global variable in scenes
  • Manage the power limit
  • Pause charging if EV charger is in "charging" status
  • Start charging if EV charger is in "scheduled" or "paused" status
  • Reschedule the EV charger for the next session if it is in "paused" status
  • View instantaneous power consumption
  • View total power usage for the current charge
  • Collect energy usage in energy panel

Charger status is updated every minute or on demand through the refresh button.

This Quick App only works with a registered account at with your own email address. If you are using a Google SSO (Single-Sign-on), you need to create a second account with Administrator privilege to control EV charger !

Reminder : Locking the charger after plugging in a vehicle has no effect on the current charge.


username - email used to connect on

password - password used to connect on

chargerId - the charger id (ie serial number). This id visible in the name of the charger if you haven't changed it before (ex. for "Copper Business SN 12345", chargerId is 12345). You can also find id on


Add a new device in Fibaro HC3 interface, choose upload a file next to "Quick App" and upload wallbox.fqa file. Configure variable usernamepassword and chargerId.

To report energy usage in energy panel, go on Advanced tab and enable switch to calculate energy used (Advanced > Configuration of power and energy reports > Calculate energy used)

Choose icons for your device. Some icons are provided in source code repository

Go to the device on you computer or on your Fibaro mobile app and verify EV charger status. If username or password are invalid or charger id is unknown, you will have an error message.


The Quick App will first get a Token at startup using username and password and will use it until its expiration date. The token will be renewed when necessary (token is valid for 15 days).

Once authenticated, the Quick App will use the EV charger id (ie. serial number) to get its status and control it.

Each time the charger status is updated, a global variable "Wallbox_chargerId" is updated


This Quick App contains translations for en and fr languages, you can easily add translations for other languages by modifying the i18n file of the Quick App.

Please share your translations and create a PR on Github !

Release Notes

  • v1.1 - 15/06/2024
    Report energy usage in energy panel.
  • v1.0 - 31/05/2024
    Initial version.

Source code

Original source code is on Github


To report an issue, please create it on Github


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