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Sep 25, 2020

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Sep 25, 2020


HC 3 Lite, Z-box Hub, Yubii Home, Venture WISE, HC 3





Type Quick App

Quick apps tocontrol relays and IR illumination in DoorBird Doorstation. This is only for HC3.


Generators and sample devices are in zip file attached to this post.

For relay you need DoorBird username, password, IP address, relay number (strats with 1) and lenght of the pulse.

For IR illumination you need DoorBird username, password and Ip address

Attention: You cannot trigger both relays on same time. You can trigger 2nd relay when 1st get back to it's oriiginal state.

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Using the debug mode it seems that the secured/unsecured states are not being interpreted correctly. It's always "secured" ?


@Jakub , thanks for the hint on the url part. I also needed to change the "relay" variable in the quick app settings to "rel" as the code is .. rel . Now I Was able to trigger my relais perfectly. To get the correct url you can use the http://<ip-doorbird>/bha-api/info.cgi


It works only with Outdoor station as it is "main hub". With Indoor station, there needs to be and update in URL. Instead of "http://<device-ip>/bha-api/open-door.cgi?r=1" you would need to use "http://<device-ip>/bha-api/open-door.cgi?r=gggaaa@1".


How do I get it to open one of the relays of the indoor station? It seems that I can only control the outdoor station.


Is it possible to capture in Fibaro when the DoorBird detects motion ?