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Jan 02, 2018

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Dec 14, 2018


HC 2





Type Scene


  • This scene dumps any device data, global variables and HC2 diagnosis data to an external InfluxDB which can be used to visualize nicely the data over time on a dashboard
  • This scene runs automatically either when a device changed its value or every X minutes
  • Data could be dumped also from other scenes or virtual devices, an example is on Github


  • You need a running instance of InfluxDB, easiest way is to use a minimal docker container
  • Create a database, for example "hc2" in InfluxDB
  • Create a new scene with the given code, check on Github for the latest version
  • Configure the scene variables 'influxdbHost' and 'influxdbDBName'
  • Configure your devices in the scene, remove all my examples at the beginning of the scene. Configure as well the table 'deviceList', recommended is to keep the device classes as is
  • Configure your global variables, which you like to track in the DB, in the table 'variableList'
  • Optional, have a running instance of Grafana to visualize¬†data on dashboards
  • Optional, use the given Dashboard on Grafana when you use the same device classes

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can you assist me on some spesific point on how to add metrics in grafana? i'm very close to get this to work i think!


Sorry, i actually got it to work! Great stuff!


Great! This will make it easier to integrate with Grafana.

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