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Jan 13, 2019

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Jan 15, 2019


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So, after going wild with all kinds of different codes and examples, I now simply made the basics available in Fibaro and we even use it in a combination with our Nest Thermostat and Netatmo. If the temperature goes above 24.5 degrees celsius it will switch on our Daikin. If Nest's or Netatmo's temp goes below 23 it will turn the airco off. The only thing missing with this Virtual device is a way to see what the airco is currently doing, but then again... better something then nothing at all.


And here I have an example for all of you wanting to do a simple ON, OFF, Cool, Heat and Humidify with Daikin Wifi controlled units. You must edit the temperature setting for each value to your liking.


In the local Daikin = Net.FHttp(\"192.168.XXX.XXX\", \"80\") you simply fill in the local LAN IP address of your Daikin Wifi unit (ex.

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Hi, You can try and do for a Mitsubishi AC Wifi controlled unit. I tried this from Daikin and does not work with Mitsubischi AC. Thank you.


Hi, You can try and do for a Vivax controlled unit. I tried this from Daikin and does not work with Vivax. Thank you.


Hi Michiel, great that you made this plugin. I installed the plugin but it is now working after changing to the correct IP address (which I checked, in the app the IP address works). I am using the Daikin online module: BRP069B41, the indoor unit is the FTXM-20N. Should I change more than just the IP address? Any ideas what goes wrong? Is the protocol itself available? Perhaps I can debug when I understand the protocol. regards Walter Willaert


After installing the VD there are fields for Name, Room, IP Address and Port. Is the Port to be set to 80? Thanks


Hi, I also use a BRP069B41 and it's not working after cahnging the IP. Any Ideas? Thanks!