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May 05, 2021

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Oct 18, 2021


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This QuickApp can be used as your weather provider. The Buienradar Weather QuickApp contains the current Dutch weather measurements, the weather forecast and the 5-day forecast. The current observations are measured by KNMI weather stations spread across The Netherlands and are updated every 10 minutes. The weather report is updated several times a day by the Buienradar meteorologists.

This QuickApp is plug-and-play. The only thing you can do, is change the Station ID to a weather-station nearby from the list or add some nice icons to the devices. 

  • Wind Chill (based on the JAG/TI-method) and is only valid for temperatures between -46 C and +10 C and is only valid for wind speed between 1.3 m/s and 49 m/s
  • Windspeed is shown in m/s (km/3.6)
  • Absolute humidity is the measure of water vapor (moisture) in the air, regardless of temperature. It is expressed as grams of moisture per cubic meter of air (g/m3) 
  • conditionCodes = {unavailable = 3200, clear = 32, rain = 40, snow = 43, storm = 38, cloudy = 30, fog = 20,}
  • The time shown in the QuickApp, is the last time of the measurement from Buienradar (not the system time)



QuickApp Variables mandatory (they will be automaticaly added with the default values):

  • interval = Number in seconds to update the data (defaul = 601)
  • timeout = Number in seconds to wait for a response (default = 5)
  • stationID = Number of the station you want to use for weather measurements (default = 6260 Meetstation De Bilt)
  • backupstationID = Number of the backup station for missing weather data from stations that don't have all the data (default = 6260 Meetstation De Bilt). Don't change this ID unless you know what you are doing. 
  • setGlobalVar = true or false, whether you want tu use the Global Variables (default = false)
  • debuglevel = Number (1=some, 2=few, 3=all) (default = 1)


Weather conditions:

The Buienradar weather description is converted to the right Fibaro condition codes, with the icons:


0F1673AC-6806-4F30-B7DA-26BCD55F5063.jpeg.029fe086520bc114b2008f60d968c359.jpeg 8439B8B3-FF29-4622-9404-4069C546CFEA.jpeg.e7853a62d6ba1d92d5d2692a311bd076.jpeg 633D017C-C775-40E9-9C4E-55464662FEAF.jpeg.7a96145ee6996ba741caaa027f112b6b.jpeg 04B8D106-83B2-4910-9D6A-E09DA3311C9A.jpeg.102f44a17adf1ffaa38509218daf3eb6.jpeg A1DF2579-442F-484B-B44E-C505C87CB8FB.jpeg.94df0499dddbed12ebfb16d832d882bd.jpeg 3D5316E8-987A-4C02-AE3C-98528F0549C0.jpeg.c00a4ace403c4bd8d84729240b59d2e3.jpeg 8E3B81BA-123B-483E-82A4-DE7FC6D8A6F5.jpeg.05be6ce402c8e889022a0b2773f12e42.jpeg 



Fibaro Dashboard:

The Fibaro properties Temperature, Humidity and Wind values are updated to show in your dashboard:





Mobile App:


For the Mobile app the basic values are available:




How to install: 

  1. Open the Configuration Interface
  2. Go to Settings > Devices
  3. Click  +
  4. Choose Other Device
  5. Choose Upload File
  6. Choose file from your computer with .fqa

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