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May 05, 2021

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Jul 08, 2024


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Type Quick App

This QuickApp predicts the rain in a part of Europe with data from the Buienradar, two hours in advance.
The value of this QuickApp represents the minutes until rain.
If there is no rain expected, the value is set to 0.
If it rains, the value is set to 999 and the amount of rain (mm/h) is shown.

Buienradar updates every 5 minutes with intervals of 5 minutes until 2 hours in advance. If rain is expected within the first predicted 5 minutes or less, the QuickApp assumes it is raining. 

If rain is expected or it rains, the interval for checking the Buienradar data (default without rain 300 seconds, equal to the Buienradar updates) is speed up (default 60 seconds) so the QuickApp values are updated more often.

In a child device you can see the amount of current rain in mm/h. In two other child devices you can see the amount of rain in mm in the first hour and in the second hour. 

With the values updated in this QuickApp, you are able to build and use your own scenes to notify, to close or open sunscreens, to close or open windows, etcetera. 



Version 3.0 (7th July 2024)

  • Added two child devices for upcoming amount of rain the first hour and the second hours
  • Added German translation (thanks to @KaWi from the Fibaro Forum)

Variables mandatory (they will be automaticaly added with the default values):

  • intervalR = Number in seconds to update the data when rain expected or raining (default is 60 seconds, must be different to IntervalD)
  • intervalD = Number in seconds to update the data when no rain expected. Buienradar is updated every 300 seconds (default is 300 seconds). 
  • latitude = of your location (default is the latitude of your HC3)
  • longitude = of your location (default is the longitude of your HC3)
  • maxLines = maximum number of | to indicate the amount of rain (one line for every 0.10mm rain)
  • iconR = icon number for rain
  • iconE = icon for rain expected
  • iconD = icon number for dry
  • language = Preferred language (default = English (en), supported languages are English (en), Dutch (nl), German (de) and French (fr))




Latitude (50-54) / longitude (1-9) 






How to install: 

  1. Open the Configuration Interface
  2. Go to Settings > Devices
  3. Click  +
  4. Choose Other Device
  5. Choose Upload File
  6. Choose file from your computer with .fqa
  7. Check the latitude and longitude settings in the QuickApp Variables and change them to your settings (or delete them and push the “save” button to force the right default settings)


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The new version of the Buienradar Rain QuickApp is available for download. In this new QuickApp: Version 3.0 (7th July 2024) Added two child devices for upcoming amount of rain the first hour and the second hours Added German translation (thanks to @KaWi) Thanks for @_KC_ for the idea of the two new child devices. Best way to install is to add a new QuickApp and upload the new .fqa file. Save your settings of your old QuickApp to simply add them to the new one, like the numbers of your icons. And don't forget to insert your own latitude and longitude (you can delete the one from the new install, they will be added with the location of your HC3).


Thanks KC Do you mean the amount of rain or the time until it is going to rain?


Awesome Eddy! Thanks! Maybe a nice feature to add in the future: The expected rain in the upcoming hour and in the upcoming 2 hours. Would be cool child devices.


A new version of the Buienradar Rain quickapp is available. Version 2.0 (22rd May 2024) - Changed the buienradar url to - Limited Buienradar Rain only for latitude 50-54 and longitude 1-9, because also does - Added translations for English, Dutch and French - Changed the code to multi file


There is a solution on its way, please look at the forum for more information:

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